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Micromanipulator invented analytical probing in 1956.  Since then we’ve established a significant global presence with a substantial product installation base.  From the very first day we’ve considered our customers success to be the only metric by which the success of our business is measured.  This philosophy is at the heart of Micromanipulator; its core to our corporate values and what drives our business.  

Their products have grown with the industry.  What were once belt driven stages have developed into high resolution lead screw lead nut designs for the best positioning resolution available on the market today.  The humble beginnings of the semiconductor market saw microscope magnifications of a few hundred times, today our tools support >2000X magnification levels.  We pioneered the integration of thermal chucks with probe stations; today we continue to lead the industry with the broadest available temperature range and the most advanced, non operator dependent performance available on the market.

Their history positions us well to continue to be an asset to our customers.  Our future will see us continuing to address tomorrow’s semiconductor testing needs.